title 11: guardian ad litem

A Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is an individual appointed by the court to represent the best interests of a child or a vulnerable adult involved in a court case. A GAL may be an attorney, and for children, her role is to investigate and gather an understanding of the child’s and each parent’s life, and the relationship between the parents and other family members. For vulnerable adults and minor children receiving a court ordered settlement, the GAL investigates that person’s capacities and gathers an understanding of what that person can and cannot do to prevent financial or personal harm. The GAL then presents the courts with a best interests recommendation, the information the judge needs to make parenting plan decisions for children and guardianship decisions for vulnerable adults or minor children receiving a settlement.

A court appoints a GAL in cases when parenting plans are an issue and the couple is having a hard time coming to a resolution. The court also appoints a GAL when someone files a petition for guardianship for a vulnerable adult or a minor child receiving a settlement.

At Strata Law Group, we have extensive experience acting as a Guardian ad Litem for vulnerable adults and minor children receiving a court ordered settlement. In fact, one of our partners is actively involved in Title 11 and Title 4 Guardian ad Litem appointments, and has been a court appointed GAL for many years. We can work with you as you navigate using a GAL and come to a resolution that best suits your situation.

our title 11 – guardian ad litem professional:

Alexandra Moore-Wulsin

Alexandra Moore-Wulsin

Pulling from her rich background of experience, Alexandra (Xana) provides outstanding advocacy and counsel to family law clients.

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