pre and post nuptial and other relationship agreements (including domestic partnership)

pre and post nuptial agreements

For those planning to marry, and who have financial or property assets they wish to protect, a pre-nuptial agreement can be a good option. A pre-nuptial agreement allows soon-to-be spouses to decide how to arrange their financial affairs during their marriage, at the death of one party, or in the event of a divorce.

At Strata Law Group, we have found that pre-nuptial agreements not only give the marrying couple the ability to control the protection of their personal property, but also take the strain off of a marriage, as all finances are decided on in advance.

Similar to a pre-nuptial agreement, spouses who have already married may make similar agreements, called post-nuptial agreements. These agreements determine the division of the couple’s financial affairs and assets in the case of divorce or separation. This document can also include parenting plans or spousal support, and can even address more specifics, such as the division of labor at home.

Couples will sometimes choose to create a post-nuptial agreement in an effort to preserve a marriage and take the financial conversation out of the relationship.

relationship agreements

Similar to marital agreements, unmarried couples can create a contract, referred to as a non-marital or relationship agreement, which also defines the rights and obligations for each partner.

In a non-marital agreement, the couple can determine the handling of money, property, and debt during, and even after, the relationship. These agreements are more appropriate for long-term relationships with the expectation of accumulating significant amounts of money, property, and debt. Non-marital agreements can also determine parenting plans when minor children are involved.

We have found that a collaborative environment aids the couple in creating agreements that both parties find fair and reasonable.

At Strata Law Group, we have extensive experience creating pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and relationship agreements tailored to each couple’s specific needs. We create an environment that allows the couple to work collaboratively to generate and define an agreement that works for both parties. By working as a team, the couple preserves their relationship and signs agreements without animosity.

domestic partnership agreements

Domestic partnership agreements are legal agreements that protect same-sex couples, as well as couples where one person is 62 years old or older.

A domestic partnership agreement can provide you and your partner with all of the benefits the State provides to opposite-sex married couples, including:

  • The right to visit your partner in the hospital and make health care decisions in the event of your partner’s incapacity.
  • The right to take care of a seriously sick or injured partner under the Washington State Family Leave Act (FLA).
  • The right to inherit assets, receive workers compensation benefits, and make funeral arrangements in the event of your partner’s death.
  • The right for joint burial, if desired.
  • The right to accumulate community property during the domestic partnership and the division of that property in the event you end your partnership.
  • The right for both partners to accumulate joint debts, and divide those debts in the event you end your domestic partnership.

In addition, there are more than 400 rights and obligations under Washington law linked to marital or domestic partnership status. The main areas that relate to marital status are family support obligations including maintenance and child support, community property, adoption, child custody, creditor rights, public assistance, and property.

At Strata Law Group, we strongly encourage same-sex couples who have been in long-term relationships to file for a domestic partnership in order to receive the same marital rights, benefits, and protection as opposite-sex married couples receive. We have extensive experience with domestic partnership agreements and can assist you in creating an agreement that works for both parties.

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