next steps

Before any legal process can begin, you must first engage an attorney. Whether you need a Divorce, Pre & Post Nuptial Agreement or Enforcement Action, you must first set-up an initial consultation. From the initial consultation, you can then take the necessary steps to choose and secure your attorney and begin your case.

what is an initial consultation?

An initial consultation is the first meeting with your potential lawyer. During your initial consultation with a Strata Law Group attorney, you will discuss your situation with us and ask questions; we will ask questions as well. It is important to be accurate and forthcoming about your situation during the initial consultation, as it will have a big impact on your case and the end result.

is there a cost involved?

Yes, the attorney you meet with will bill at the hourly rate for your initial consultation. We ask for your payment before you leave our office, which only covers your meeting that day. We accept cash, checks, or Visa and MasterCards.

can I do an initial consultation over the phone?

It is best to do the initial consultation in person. Spending time with your potential attorney gives you an opportunity to determine whether or not the relationship will be a good fit for you and your situation. However, in some circumstances, when a person cannot come to our office for an initial consultation, we are able to conduct consultations over the phone.

In order to prepare for your consultation, our office may arrange a call with you to gather information and ask initial questions (please note, we cannot answer detailed questions regarding your case on this call). We will also ask for your current spouse’s name to do a quick conflict check, and we will discuss dates and times to meet.

From this call, we will schedule your initial consultation, during which we will discuss your case in more detail.

what should I bring to my initial consultation?

What to bring depends on the type of case you are initiating. We will cover this during our introductory call. Please bring copies of any filed documents or court orders.
Depending on your situation, we may ask that you bring items such as income information for you and your spouse, expenses relating to any children involved, tax returns, and a list of any assets.

Do not worry if you do not have all the information we ask you to bring to your initial consultation, and do not feel you need to reschedule your meeting until you have all the information. In instances where documentation is missing, the information we give you will be more general and less tailored to your individual case.

when do you officially become my lawyer?

An important note: scheduling or having an initial consultation with us does not make us your attorney. Your initial consultation is not only an opportunity for us to gather information about your case, but a time for you to determine if you would like to hire us to represent you. Our conversation is, however, privileged and confidential regardless of whether we become your attorney.

Once you sign a written fee agreement and pay the necessary fees (an advance fee deposit), we will officially be your attorney.

what happens after I sign the fee agreement and pay the necessary fees?

One you have signed a fee agreement and paid the advance fee deposit, we will begin working on your case and will schedule additional meetings with you. At this point, we will inform you of the documentation needed for those meetings. To give an example, we may request items such as multiple prior years’ tax returns, pay stubs, copies of personal financial records, business records, and/or child expense documentation. The documents needed will depend on upon the specifics of your particular situation.

We will also discuss next steps and what to expect during the entire process of your case.

We look forward to working with you. Please do not hesitate to call (206) 682-6826 or email with questions or to schedule your Initial Consultation.