what makes us unique?

We are PERCEPTIVE. When assessing your situation, we look at the key issues, we learn about the dynamics of your relationship, we study the law as it applies to your facts, and we develop a strategy that builds upon these points.

We are SKILLED. Our past experience, combined with continuing education, gives us the necessary tools to achieve a good outcome. At Strata Law Group, we are not just a collection of individual lawyers, but rather are a team that utilizes all our strengths to serve each client with the combined breadth of our 65 years of experience.

We are PREPARED. With our secure case management software, we ensure the most current information and materials are available to resolve any situation. Your digital file is organized, indexed, and safe, allowing us quick access to any document, from any location, whether it be for a negotiation or a day in court.

We are APPROACHABLE and TRUSTED. We build solid client-attorney relationships on a foundation of trust. We take the time to explain each issue in a meaningful and understandable way, and address all your questions and concerns.

We are INNOVATIVE. Every case is different and results in a unique solution. We evaluate each client’s situation thoroughly, assessing your goals and working toward sustainable short-term and long-term positive outcomes for families. We also have extensive experience negotiating financially sophisticated circumstances, such as executive compensation structures and complex asset valuation and distribution.

We are STRATEGIC. We take the time to understand your goals. We strategically tailor solutions to meet each client’s needs, looking at each situation not only for the present, but also for future impact, helping clients to make decisions that will help our clients and their families, today and tomorrow.