family law solutions

Strata Law Group provides sound and experienced counsel to families navigating legal transitions, including divorce, prenuptial agreements, child custody, adoption, and the full spectrum of family law needs. We are a group of highly dedicated attorneys who share a commitment to delivering exceptional legal services focused on client goals while promoting civility in the resolution of their legal matter.

individualized strategies

The attorneys at Strata Law Group tailor strategies to the individual client's case. Once we have a clear understanding of your circumstances, your values, and your goals, we develop a practical individualized strategy that is focused on helping you achieve your objectives while staying true to your principles.

effective resolutions

Depending on your strategy and the strategy of other parties involved, we will recommend proceeding with litigation, mediation, negotiation, or collaboration. Each method brings its own advantages and opportunities for employing effective resolutions

sound navigation

We practice and advocate cooperative solutions and find that the majority of cases are resolved out of court. However, make no mistake—we are seasoned trial attorneys who are equipped to handle the most complex and contentious cases. The good news: You don't have to sacrifice your personal integrity to win in litigation. Our record proves this.

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